Sega GT 2002

Sega GT 2002

The control is precise, the interface is slick, and the inclusion of classic cars is a welcomed addition to this sequel.

Sega GT 2002: All Cars in the dealership [Part 1]

Something I thought that I should record would be all of the cars you can buy in the dealership, after beating the season 1 events of course.Yes, I have beat all season 1 events in career mode, but I still have season 2 to do. I’m taking a break from doing that though.

Anyway, why the length? Well, I wanted to show all of the camera angles for the cars along with every color they come in. The career mode shows more cars that you can drive. Looking for an exciting racing game? Smash Karts is just what you need.

Link to my Sega GT 2002 Playlist for more Gameplay:

EDIT: I’m adding timestamps (yes, 2021 is really late to do this. I never said I wasn’t lazy.)
0:00 – Entering Dealership
0:06 – Ford
1:04 – Chevrolet
2:42 – Dodge
3:21 – Nissan
7:03 – Toyota
11:01 – Honda
14:40 – Mitsubishi
18:10 – Mazda
21:07 – Subaru

Sega GT 2002 speedrun 2:00:55 [WR]

Sega GT 2002 vs Sega GT Online Side by Side Comparison

Both are great games and each have their better and worse qualities

Playthrough [Xbox] Sega GT Online – Part 1 of 2

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Developer: XDev
Publisher: Sega
– JP: December 25, 2003
– NA: January 27, 2004
– PAL: February 6, 2004